Dating Women and Watching Chick Flicks…

Chick Flicks for the SoulDating women can be difficult. That is why I made this site (pink and all) as a kind of exploration of my knowledge of everything of the opposite sex. Yup. This site is purely my exploration into how to date women, build better relationships (you know the kind that actually last), and overall be a better romantic partner myself.

I originally did this by doing the 30chickflicks challenge. Eventually I came to actually owning this website of the same name. Basically, if you want to improve your romance life, you choose 30 chick flicks from any dvd rental store (if those still exist that is), and watch all 30 of them in 30 days. The results might just astound you.

I did a lot to help better myself as a partner. I even read Style’s The Game novel when it came out. I understand what it is like to be lonely and wanting. Now, thank to this challenge and a few other resources, I have been able to overcome a lot of my initial issues with dating women. You know, the common ones that hit intelligent men like myself. Things like anxiety, depression, doubt, self-consciousness and so on. These are all emotions I use to experience day in and day out.

But you know what?

I don’t anymore. Because now I am finally free from all of it.

All because I took the 30 day chick flick challenge.

If you want to get started on your OWN challenge, there are a few great movies I can recommend:


Ten Things I Hate About You

Mean Girls

Legally Blonde

Legally Blonde 2 (love it)


Okay. Last one isn’t a chick flick. But you need something manly to do after 30 days of watching nothing but chick flicks. So why not Hellraiser? You’ll love it… Clive Barker is a visionary haha.

I’ll try and keep this website updated with more on romance, dating and whatever else comes to my mind.


Talk soon y’all

-The Hill (my pickup artist name! lol)




Landscaping Surprise AZ – Things You Need to Know

When it comes to landscaping in Surprise AZ, it’s important to go with someone that is a quality service provider. This article is aimed Picture of Landscapers in Surprise AZat helping you select the best provider, after all how are you going to watch sweet movies at your place if your home looks awful? You won’t even want to! You’ll be so concerned over the renovations and the ugly design you now need to fix on your house to even throw in a copy of Legally Blonde.

So let’s save us the trouble and pick the right person the FIRST time around!

Okay, so what do you need to know?

Hiring Landscaping Surprise AZ Rule #1 – Do Your Research!

If you are seriously going drop a few grand on changing up your house, you better know who you are hiring the first place. If you are planning on putting some cool desert rocks in front of your house, or looking at building a new path in your backyard around that cool and refreshing swimming pool… you should know who it is you are actually hiring for the job!

One of the things you can with landscaping companies in Surprise Arizona is to look at their website. If they do not have a website, that might be your first clue that you are not doing this whole research thing right (that is if you decide to go with them!). The website should look clean, professional and reputable. You can also check Yelp and various other rating review websites to see if the company is legit and the real deal.

Once you found a good company, the next is to get the right estimate. And I would advise getting an estimate from more than just one landscaper organization. The reasoning being is your research might come up with several landscaping organizations that are actually quite good. They could BOTH do the work equally well. Alas, you are not going to hire two companies! Instead get an estimate from as many of these reputable companies as possible.

You might be shocked at how low the price is from various companies. They can differ wildly.

Obviously, you want to do this keeping in mind the cardinal rule… go with quality. It’s your house after all!

You want them to do a GOOD job!

You can judge each others works by their website. Many of these landscaping companies in Arizona will have reputable websites, and if you are looking for a reputable company you can always go to to find one in your area that you could work with. The website has a ton of different service providers located all over Phoenix Arizona that you can use to make your final decision.

Along with that, you can see their previous work usually displayed in some kind of online portfolio. Finally, if you got the daring in you and REALLY want to make sure you are hiring some good people, find out if you can contact some of their previous customers and ask them some hard hitting questions. If they have testimonials, they might also be willing to let you talk to previous clients of theirs to see what their satisfaction level really is.

Ultimately, the decision will be up to you. But hopefully these three tips will help you out. Honestly, there is more important things to worry about than worrying you just spent a ton of money with a company that isn’t going to give you what you want! So DO the research, please! It will save you a ton of time… then you can sit back and relax as you watch your chick flicks and eat some pizza living the good life (in a luxurious well manicured Arizona house!)




What is the Best Way to Get a Contractor?

Whenever you need to install a new roof or undertake roof repair in Anchorage, you will need to call a commercial roofing contractor. With several roofing companies available in Alaska, finding the best roofer can be difficult and time consuming. Some of the ways you can use to easily identify Anchorage roofing contractors are discussed herein

Any Anchorage commercial roofing contractors company you select should be one which is credible and reputable. Credibility and reputation is important as it enables one to know whether the Anchorage roofing company you select will be able to complete your roofing task. To determine whether a roofing company is credible and reputable, you can easily check their online forum and print reviews while also reading previous customer feedback and testimonials.

Most commercial roof repair companies have websites where you can visit to find out about the services they offer, availability, previous roofing jobs done and the estimated costs of roofing tasks. Additionally, one can also go as far as contacting previous customers to find out how their roofing tasks were handled.

One of the most recommended ways on how to choose the best Anchorage roofing contractor is by getting referrals from family, friends and neighbors. These people might know a good roofer in Anchorage who is trustworthy or whom they ever used. Most commercial roofing companies in Anchorage get new clients from previous customer referrals.

The roofing company you select must be one which is licensed, certified and with experienced roofers. Roofing licenses and certification are usually issued to those who have undergone proper training from a recognized body and have relevant practical experience. Certified and licensed Alaska roofers undertake their tasks in an ethical and professionally manner and are always expected to adhere to a strict code of conduct as per their license provisions or risk revocation or legal action.

Experienced roofers on the other hand come highly recommended as they can handle different commercial roofing systems and able to provide you with several ideas and solutions to solve your roofing problems. In the event you need to undertake an emergency roofing task, it is important to choose a roofer with experience as they are able to work under pressure and come up with critical and effective solutions that are not found in textbooks.

With everyone seeking to cut costs due to the prevailing economic environment, any commercial roofing company in Anchorage you select must be one which is cost effective and within your budget. You can easily find out how much a particular roofer will charge you by requesting a quote from them. Get several quotes from different roofers and then select the one you feel is cost effective.



What to Look for in a Beat Maker Software?

Songs beats is a very large industry and also we could witness dramatic changes for many years in music and defeats designs. It has ended up being impossible nowadays to develop any kind of hip hop or rap tracks without a beat making much does dr drum cost

There are different software application that you could use to create entirely special and also original music beats. The current creation enables everybody to produce beats on the internet making use of a beat making software application. You need to take into consideration obtaining on your own one if you’re a beats making lover like me.

With these software where all editing features and also mixers are built in, there is no demand for pricey blending equipment and also recording tools. Simply puts, we, the end individual can obtain nearly a prompt saving by using these beats making software while still able to make high quality beats like the pro.

An additional essential element when making your hip jump or rap beats is the sequencer. Sequencer is just what makes the main base for most song. And this is also a built in attribute that you can find in a great beats making software. As the sequencer likewise can be found in when it comes to thousands of different beat results, it makes things very easy for user like us to produce a lot of distinct and also interesting beats to be added in our rap or hip jump track in a concern of minutes.

Nonetheless, when choosing a beats making software application, be sure to inspect the export capacity or the conserving feature of the software program. It will be useless if the beats that you have created could not be paid attention or pre-owneded in other songs gamer. So, just make sure that beats making software application that you are purchasing has the MP3 export ability as MP3 is one of the most usual transferable documents style that could be pre-owneded on a lot of other software application. One beat maker you might want check out is Dr Drum, you can read up on a Dr Drum software Review here.

Then check to view if the beats making software application possesses an aid area merely in case you were stuck someplace while developing your very own beats. It will be frustrating if you do not acquire assist when you have trouble especially when you required a solution to finish the beats on that particular day. A good software program ought to additionally features a bunch of video tutorials and also assist posts to get your begun on your sequencing endeavor. The one I am using likewise reveals various ways to assemble music and also beats to make genuinely magnificent rap and also hip hop song. That will certainly be an included advantage to know ways to add beats with various other music tools too.

Okay, to ensure that are all factors you ought to take into consideration when picking a beats making software application. See to it the beats making software program that you decided on satisfy all the above criteria to make sure that you could generate top quality as well as one-of-a-kind beats quickly.

If you need to know exactly what beats making software that I am pre-owneding that has all that thorough songs sequencer, MP3 export ability as well as detailed music manufacturing tutorials when it comes to various key-boards,. And of course, for more inforation on this type of stuff you could learn more by checking out, it’s a pretty cool website dedicated to music making programs and education.



Why Anchorage Organic Search Optimization is So Powerful

Anchorage Alaska is an interesting place. Often distance separates us more than in any other town in the USA, and this is true for businesses as well. Instead of driving around the “main strip” for businesses, Anchorage has a lot of different sectors or segments that have a little bit of everything. Everything from restaurants, dentists, chiropractors and practicing lawyers.

So how do people in Anchorage actually find these businesses?

They open up the yellow pages.

Only it is 2014 and the yellow pages are not yellow anymore and they are owned by Google.

Enter in Search Engine Traffic – The Most Profitable Target Marketing Ever


Search engine traffic is highly valuable for one major reason: it converts traffic into clients.

Think about it. If you can show up for the right keywords, your traffic to conversion ratio would be huge. If someone is searching for Anchorage Alaska roofing companies, do you think they are researching the roofing market in Anchorage? Highly unlikely. Instead, they are actively LOOKING to buy roofing services from an Anchorage contractor that appeals to them.

Typically the results that appeal the MOST are the top 3 results. This means if you have a website and you are on page 2, you may as well not even have a website because you are not going to show up at all.

The reasoning why this traffic converts so high is because people are actively searching for a solution to some problem. By positioning yourself high on the search engines, you are automatically increasing the chances of people viewing your company as the solution. You have to have your ducks in a row though. A poor looking website will not instill trust, actually spend some time on making your website look good. No ground breaking stuff required here, just some good functionality and making it not look like total shit!

You would be surprised, or maybe you wouldn’t, how horrible so many businesses present themselves online!

Do not make that mistake!

So how do you do it?

Performing SEO is not going be covered fully in this post, it simply is too large of a scope to talk about in one go. For Anchorage businesses looking to increase SEO though, I highly recommend reading this article here.

Basically, you want to use your target keyword such as “Anchorage roof repair” a couple times throughout your web content. Don’t overdo it though, just enough that Google will know what you are talking about is relevant. After the content is written, the fun part begins. You need to find highly powerful links that Google will love, and get these websites to link out to your website specifically using the correct anchor text ratio. If you can do this, Google will love your website and start ranking it not only for Anchorage Roof repair, but all sorts of relevant keywords similar to how ranks for relevant marketing keywords.

So your plan of action is to write your content, and go out there to get awesome high quality backlinks! You can do it! Try it out :)



Anchorage Alaska Real Estate – Buy the Perfect Home for the Perfect Body

If you are looking to get in shape, there is hardly any better to buy property than Anchorage Alaska real estate.  Why? Because Alaska is the land of the great outdoors. What better place could there be to get in shape?  anchorage alaska real estate

Out in the snowy wilds of AK, you can be hunting moose, stalking bear, or mountain climbing to get to that perfect spot on an early morning for some fly fishing. There is literally a limitless amount of activity you can be doing to get a workout going. The land is beautiful, and owning property in Anchorage Alaska is a great way to really enjoy the scenery. Living in a quiet neighborhood surrounded by the glow of purple skies and the picturesque mountain ranges lining the city.

Buying a home isn’t always easy though – even if you are new at it. Which is why I suggest checking out

There is a ton of things to look into, but I believe it is way better than renting as your property becomes more of an investment than anything else. Unless you already have a contact though that knows about homes for sale in Anchorage AK, I suggest you do some research on the subject. Maybe look up a realtor or two and give them a call to see what is going on in the market.

However you do it, Alaska awaits to challenge your body to its more fit form… are you up for the challenge?  Learn more about Alaska from this wiki article.